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Capps Hair Center

Welcome to our home on the web.  The purpose of this site is to tell you about our products and services and inform you of the latest innovations in hair replacement.  we will show you some before and after pictures as well as the latest styles and trends.

Let me tell you a little about us.  My name is Lana Capps.  My husband Fred and I have owned Capps Hair Center for more years than we care to mention.  We've been in our present location for 15 years.  My job is to answer the phone, set appointments, collect money and pay the bills.  Fred is the one with all the talent.  He is an excellent technician and truly an artist when it comes to hair replacement.  He started out as a barber/stylist, but when he started losing his own hair he began working with replacements.  Because of his many years of experience, he can make a nonsurgical hair replacement look like a natural, growing head of hair.

When someone says the word "toupee" or  "rug" or "hairpiece", what do you think of?  Maybe it's that fuzzy thing on top of your great uncle Ned's head.  Or the one that your golf buddy wears.  You know, the one that is plastered down to his head.  Maybe you have been looking at some of the stars on TV or in the movies.  They are the worst and it isn't necessary.  

Let's take a look at Fred's before and after pictures.  Click on an image for a larger image.

Does your hair look like this?


Fred can make it look like this!


These are a few of our newest and most popular styles.  The flat top can be worn with long or short hair on the back and sides.  It has been popular with young men who are active in sports.  It is also a youthful look on our older customers.  The other styles are casual but work well in todays more relaxed business world.  all styles are low maintenance.

I want you to forget the words "toupee", "rug", and "hairpiece".  Now, think about the look you want.  The look that we can give you.

Replacing the hair that you have lost can make you feel better about yourself.  It can build your confidence and self esteem.

We can show you what we can do, but only you can take the steps necessary to have a natural looking head of hair.

We offer free consultations.  If you live in the Tulsa area or going to be visiting our area, call us at (918)665-0188 for an appointment.  You may also E-mail us at:

We don't have the capabilities to sell hair replacements over the internet yet.  We would be glad to send our products to you.  The items we sell and their prices are listed below.

Fiber Fix         $8.00       Scalp Splash       $6.00  
Tape Remover     $6.00        Liquid Tape   $7.50  
Precut Tape Strips          $3.50       1/2" Tape   $3.00  
3/4" Roll Tape   $3.50       1" Roll Tape   $3.50  
Red Liner Tape   $6.00       Cleaner (synthetics)       $8.00  

Shampoo   $5.50         Hair Spray                   $6.00  
Protein Treatment            $8.00         Styling Gel   $6.00  
Wet Look Lotion   $6.00         Conditioner Plus   $8.00  
Hair Fix   $8.00