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The reasons for postponing the correction of hair loss are many. Some people fear making the commitment to do something about it because of the lack of privacy. Perhaps someone they know will see them entering or leaving a hair replacement studio. Or worse yet, they may be in an open styling area with people who have plenty of their own growing hair watching them. Nothing could be more private than your own home. 

Because of the busy schedules we all have, finding a convenient time maybe difficult for some. Nothing could be more convenient than choosing the time of day or night that is best for you, right in your own home.

Many people feel they must pay a high price to get good quality. We disagree with this concept. The quality of our hair replacements is equal to any on the market. We are striving to give you the most natural look available. In doing this we have used the newest materials for the base and the finest quality human and synthetic hair. We can give you a lighter more natural look. No more thick, heavy hair pieces. To achieve this more natural look we have had to sacrifice durability. It is true that our hair replacements will have to be replaced more often. Wouldn't you rather replace a hair piece that cost $495.00 every few months than one that costs $1200.00 or more? No more "programs", and no more prorated warrantees. No more coloring and adding hair to extend the life of your old hair replacement. Just new hair when you need it, for $495.00!

As a complement to our hair replacements we have our own line of hair care products.  These are the same products we have used in our studios.  We recommend them for the care of your hair replacement.

EVERYDAY SHAMPOO                   $5.50

CONDITIONER                                   $8.00

PROTEIN TREATMENT                     $8.00

SCALP FRESHNER                             $6.00

FIBER FIX                                            $8.00

HAIR SPRAY                                       $6.00

WET LOOK LOTION                           $6.00

STYLING GEL                                     $6.00

PRECUT STRIPS                                 $3.50

1/2 INCH ROLL TAPE                        $3.00

3/4 INCH ROLL TAPE                         $3.50

1 INCH ROLL TAPE                            $3.50

RED LINER TAPE                                $6.00

LIQUID TAPE                                        $7.50

TAPE REMOVER                                   $6.00