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     Of all the cars I've owned, my favorite was a 1970 VW bus.  It was no beauty to behold, but I loved it just the same.  It was my sole means of transprtation for over four years.  I've had other good cars, and even other VW's that I've liked including a 1974 superbeetle and a 1970 convertible bug, but somehow they didn't have the same magic as the bus (no pun intended).  In 1992 I sold my bus to Sean, the singer from Watching Tuesday Weld.  He did a lot of work to it and had it running better than ever.  Several months later he finished school and moved to New Mexico.  A few years later he moved back to Oklahoma.  Eventually I ran into him, only to find out that he had recently sold the bus.  Last night I dreamt that one Ram, owner of Tacoland  in San Antonio,TX owned my old Volkswagen bus.  My sleepy brain told me that he must have bought it from Sean.  Wow, small world.  I woke up regretting my 1992 decision to sell the bus more than ever.  I had this "early-morning-not-quite-awake-yet-idea" that I could sell my Volvo and use the proceeds to purchase another VW bus.  I went outside and got the paper, checked the classifieds, but alas, no buses for sale.  I later came to my senses.

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