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DNR is a San Antonio based funky rock band playing originals throughout Texas. Their songs feature tongue-in-cheek lyrics about subtle sexual themes (no profanity). Tight and pounding rhythms from a truly natural bass and drum tandem lay a foundation for upbeat songs with dual guitar. This is a really fun band that always leaves the crowd with a warm fuzzy. When in San Antonio, Remember the Alamo but don't forget DNR!

Upcoming Shows:

Sunday, January 11th at Tacoland

Saturday, February 7th at Tacoland

DNR News

Surgery Update:

After having carpal tunnel surgery in early november drummer, John, played two shows in December with one hand!  (Please, no Def Leppard jokes) Since then he has been playing two handed, but taking it easy.  We expect for John to be playing with all appendages fully functional in January.

Lineup change:

After a plethora of guest and fill in bassists DNR has their first full time bass player.  Chuck Marshall joined the band in early December and played both shows in December with the band.

DNR is available for bookings throughout Texas. For information, contact Marty Holin at:

8625 Autumn Sunset
San Antonio, TX 78239
(210) 604-2758

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