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Every VW owner has a story and this is mine.     

   I was 18 and I'd been looking for a bug for several months.  Of course I had almost no money to spend, but everyone knows you find the best deals when you're broke (still works for me today).  At some point I realized that a bus would suit me better.  I was racing BMX a lot, and always hauling around several people and their bikes.  I could use something bigger than a bug.  So when I found a '70 bus for sale about 45 minutes away I had my mom drive me out there to look at it.  Looking back on it I realize that it was in great shape.  Very little rust, original paint, very few dents, and it ran.  It even had the original key that fit the ignition and all the locks; you know, the funny shaped one that has the VW logo cut into it .  At the time I thought it paled in comparison to all the custom VW's I'd seen in the magazines.  I'd be thrilled with something in as good of condition today.  At the time I  just thought, "hey, this will haul a lot of people and bikes."

    I test drove the bus, kicked the tires, and checked everything else I could think of  (which wasn't much considering you'd have trouble filling a thimble with what I knew about cars).  For some reason I didn't check the oil level.  It seemed like a good deal to me so we agreed on a very reasonable $500 ($600 was the advertised price) and away we went;  I drove the bus and mom followed me in the bronco.  Now this bus was located in the middle of nowhere in Oklahoma.  There did happen to be a gas station right on the highway very close to where this guy lived, and since the bus needed gas it was for this gas station that we headed.  The bus stalled as we turned into the station and I coasted into the pump.  After gassing up it still wouldn't start.  A quick phone call to the previous owner, and ten minutes later he showed up with a new (used) battery.  I guess I should have recognized this as an omen.  Once again, we were on our way.  

   About 30 miles down the road, just as we were reaching Sapulpa (which is just outside Tulsa)  I noticed a loss in power.  In fact it was getting worse.  The bus stalled just as I crested a big hill.  I coasted to a stop at the bottom of the hill in front of a used car dealership and scratched my head as I stared at the engine.  It was running fine 30 mile ago.  what could possibly be wrong?  It is at this point that it first occured to me to check the oil.  Bone dry.  My engine was locked up tighter than a drum.  But wait it gets worse...

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