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Throwing Music Online: Official Throwing Muses Web Page.  This is a band that I was exposed to in 1989.  I hated them.  My roomate owned two CD's  in which I had no interest.  The songs were a bit too unusual for me.  A few years later I heard a familiar song which prompted me to go out and buy their CD.  The song was "Dizzy" and the CD was "Hunkpapa".  That purchase was followed quickly by another and another.  I completely wore out my "House Tornado" tape while delivering pizza, and it's still my favorite TM album.  I now appreciate them for the geniuses they are.  Kristen Hersh is an amazing songwriter.  Oddly enough her songs seem to have become simpler rather than more complex in structure over time, though sometimes the simplicity is deceiving (I say this from the viewpoint of someone trying to learn to play them).  A few of her songs are built around three chords which repeat in a seemingly endless loop making it difficult to tell where the progression starts and ends.  The vocals do not follow the same pattern, but some how manage to fit in anyway.  To see what I mean listen to "Your Ghost" from Kristen's solo CD, "Hips and Makers", or "Tar Kissers" from the newest Throwing Muses CD, "Limbo".

Kristen Hersh plays a semi-hollow body Fender Telecaster.

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Rush out and buy all three of their albums right now.  They will change your life.  Also check out Derek Miner's Completely Unofficial Muffs Page (Which is where I "borrowed" the picture and logo).

Kim Shattuck plays Gretsch Guitars.

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