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Music  - I'm the lead singer, guitar, songwriter, and harp player for a funky rock band called DNR.  We play mostly originals.  I also play my acoustic guitar by myself at clubs for a change  periodically because it pays well.  (check out my favorites page for links to my band web site)


Running -  I like running marathons but I don't anymore because my knees are bad.  I still run 10Ks.  If you research my name on the web, you'll find me listed in race results but don't do it.  Because then you'll find out what place I finisihed.  I'm #1 (hundred), I'm #1 (hundred), I'm #1 (hundred)!


Cooking - When I was into marathon training, I had to eat lots of past.  I learned to cook Italian food.  My favorites are Orange Fettuccini, Spaghetti Carbonaren't (my invention of Carbanora with mushrooms instead of ham), and regular old Spaghetti with meatballs.


Web Page Design - I was just online looking at this web page and it makes me out to be a real geek.  It's been ... what time is it it ... since I've been called a geek.   Anyway, I'm not as big  a loser as this page makes me out to be!